Custom Marketing

Probably the most cost-effective way to increase awareness of you products and services, raise your company profile and generate enquiries.

  • Regular product, project and company releases issued

  • Written from information supplied or researched

  • PR forms created and supplied to assist with regular flow of information

  • Stories supplied to your industry's trade press editors in their required style and format

  • All necessary clearances and approvals obtained before despatch

  • Longer, in-depth articles researched, written and placed with pre-selected journals

  • Information supplied to appropriate magazine features

  • All supporting photographs provided by client or photographer appointed

  • Comprehensive press list of relevant journals created and maintained

  • Published editorial coverage monitored; individual cuttings supplied

  • All of above undertaken as part of an annual pre-agreed fee

Unfortunately not everyone who speaks English can write good English, anymore than everyone with a camera is a good photographer. Would you use your photographs in your company brochure?

Professionally written copy is vital if you wish to convey the correct information clearly, concisely and in a style appropriate to your market.

  • Good copy is a critical ingredient of any literature, advertisement or publicity material

  • Good copy will complement impressive photographs and well designed literature

  • Good copy will convey the right message and company image to your customers

Custom Marketing will:

  • Learn the necessary background to your products, services and target audience

  • Ask you questions as a potential customer to obtain the right information

  • Write copy that is clear, well informed and understood by the reader

  • Produce as much or as little text as the situation demands

  • Write in a style that the content and circumstances require

  • Produce text that enhances your printed material

  • Undertaken as individually priced jobs or as part of an annual PR contract

Well written copy is crucial - make sure you do not overlook this important element

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